Economy due to Coronavirus pandemic

When a large amount for quarantine is done, it will affect a large number of businesses and markets. Therefore, these countries can see a deep recession.

A few countries may not choose a deep recession and try to take the least damage. These countries may have to keep the businesses and markets running. As a result these countries will be hit hard by the pandemic and may get a higher amount of casualties. Economy due to coronavirus pandemic will be another story for these countries. 

In this scenario we also see the countries that do not have good healthcare systems. They are projected to have more serious problems. And counties who do not have capable medical systems are either the developing or underdeveloped countries.

This is the reason many governments have applied very strict lockdowns in their countries to contain the spread of the disease. As their healthcare capacities are either low or they have higher amounts of population. Countries like China and India have taken strict steps to contain the disease by shutting down all businesses. The US and a few other countries have not taken such strict actions and may not see a deep recession but at the cost of lives. 


In the past, one of the worst pandemics was the Spanish flu. But the economies recovered quickly after the pandemic. But this pandemic is on global level and economies are more centralized. Hence, only time will show the economies after Covid-19.

But the thing to note is countries with larger populations may be hard to control and may either see a large number of lockdowns or a large number of cases. In both ways, the economy will suffer.